Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wacky Wednesday!

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Wednesday is the day to be WACKY!  Each week we will showcase a terrierific Cairn picture with an appropriate caption.  If you would like us to consider YOUR picture and caption for an upcoming "Wacky Wednesday" send it to us at!  All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.

A big shout out to Macie for being our Wacky Wednesday model this week!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday Tails: Phoebe Ann

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Tuesday is full of Tails!  Each week we will showcase the Tail of one of our Col. Potter Rescued Cairns, either Post Adoption or still looking for that Forever Home while in a wonderful CP Foster Home.  If you have a great CP Post Adoption story (and photos!) and would like us to consider them for an upcoming "Tuesday Tails" send it to us at (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.).

Monday, October 16, 2017

Halloween Sweets!

Do you have some great Halloween photos of your Cairns and/or their CP Friends?  Send them in and help us celebrate Halloween Sweets! 

Please send your photos to us at with the subject “Halloween Sweets” and remember to let us know who’s who.  Watch for your  photos each Sunday, and maybe, like Magic, they’ll appear in the next Col. Potter Cairns & Friends Halloween video!

Wishing you all a Fun Filled October!

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN)  is an all volunteer Rescue, saving Cairns, one dog at a time.  Please adopt, volunteer, or donate so we can help more Cairns enjoy Freedom and perhaps a special Holiday Celebration!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Sweets!

Sunday is full of SWEETS!  Each week we showcase the sweeter side of Cairns.  If you have a sweet filled Cairn and would like us to consider YOUR photo for an upcoming "Sunday Sweets!" send it to us at (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.).

Foster Kimball

CP Mardi Gras

Foster Pip

Foster Squeek


Foster Wibbley

Rocky fka Sousa

Foster Clarissa

Foster MoneyPenny

Foster Zofia

Max and Bella

Skyebug fka Skye

Gracie Hopper & Kepler fna Kessler - Partners in the Puppy Up Fundraiser for canine cancer!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lynch Creek Farm is Open for Business!

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Lynch Creek Farm is pleased to partner with Col. Potter again to bring you a special Fundraiser Campaign Col.Potter Cairn Rescue Network Giving Green!  Now through Sunday, December 10th, you can order any beautiful, high quality wreath, centerpiece, or other decorative item for the Holidays, as a Gift, or for your own home, and Lynch Creek Farm will donate a full 20% of your purchase to Col. Potter to help save another Cairn in need!  You can order now for December delivery, easy as 1.2.3!  Not ready to shop?  You can make a straight-up donation via the Lynch Creek Farm campaign and 100% of all donations will go to the Cairns!  100%!!!  A fantastic opportunity to donate or to give a gift that gives twice!

Lynch Creek Farm Presents
Now - December 10th
20% of all proceeds and 100% of all donations
during this time will be sent to

Check out some of our Sunday Sweets Favorites, featuring many Rescued Cairns and friends who have been helped by the generosity and hard work of so many Col. Potter Volunteers - the best gift in any season!

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Flashback: A Dandelion in October!

Written by CP Dandi
Originally posted 10/17/2014 on the Post Adoption Blog
Mom is always watching me!

Have you ever had Dandelions in October? 

Well, I know my name is Dandi, but Mom calls me “Dandelion” so she has a dandelion every month of the year!  Some people do all kinds of things to get rid of dandelions, but my Mom does just the opposite!  Works for me!

You may remember that I came here with a big problem.  My heart wasn’t put together right at the factory so…  What Mom?...  Oh, I was born with a “congenital heart defect” Mom says.  She called it “Tetrology of Fallot” and it is pretty bad.  However it happened, my heart is not hooked up right, and that means I don’t get the right amount of blood flow, and that means I don’t get enough oxygen to really live.

I like to supervise Gabby, Allie, and our friend Luca in the pool

Well, I am living pretty well, though, right Mom?  Mom is always here, or some other nice person is here, all the time, just to make sure I don’t get into trouble with this oxygen stuff.   They always have an extra supply of oxygen that I can have whenever I need it.  I also take special medicine to help keep things working right.

Sometimes I get to visit with sick children, but not too much.  I like this special little girl who calls me her “Furry White Angel” and I make her smile, even though she has problems with her heart too.

See!  I'm in charge of the play room!

When I go to the hospital with Mom, which I really like to do, I spend most of the time in the special play room.  All of my brothers and sisters and friends come there too, and we have a great time!  Sometimes Allie and Gabby, Ashley, or one of the other Therapy Dogs go off for thirty minutes to visit patients, but then they come back and play with me.

Now, the other dogs only come to the hospital two days a week for only half a day.  It’s really only four hours, so I think that isn’t really a half a day, but Mom calls it “half a work day” so I guess she knows what she’s talking about.  The point is, I get to come every day, and this means something very important: I get to control the room, and what fun that is!  I have all of my own favorite toys, but I also get to steal my friends’ toys, and that’s the best!  I love being in charge!

We have a nice patio at home...

...and a nice big yard - with lots of toys!

We have a lot of fun finding things in the grass...

...and we like to team up to keep the squirrels up the tree!

Of course, at home, I like to run things there too!  We have a beautiful yard and lots of fun toys, and critters to hunt and chase!  That takes teamwork, so I am glad to have the help.  I guess I don’t always have to be the boss!

My big sister Ashley has a heart problem too, but her problem is different.  Mom explained it to me, but I still don’t really get it.  The important thing is that I look at Ashley as a good role model, and she gives me lots of encouragement.  We both might have what Mom calls “uncertain futures” but we are here right now, living every day to the fullest, one day at a time.  I’m OK with that, you know, because each day we know we are loved more than I bet you can imagine!

I get lots of encouragement every day!

Thank you Col. Potter for rescuing us and helping us find the very best Mom!  What’s that, Mom?...  Oh…  Mom says I should thank Col. Potter for my Freedom...  Well, I’m the boss right now, so I’m sticking with my own ideas!

Thanks for finding me the very Best Mom!
Read my Intake story:
Read Ashley’s Intake Story (CP Highway):

Friday Funnies!

Raising Duncan

by Chris Browne

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Col. Potter Training Tips: The Cairn and the Hare

Slow and Steady wins the race every time!

Every Rescued Cairn
Comes with a Warning!

IMPORTANT!  Please take it slow with your New Cairn! It is especially crucial that you follow the advice to go ***VERY SLOWLY*** with your New Cairn if he or she is a Puppy Mill Survivor.  Protecting your New Cairn from too much stimulation, too many new people, places, sights, and sounds, is critically important to assure a Successful Adoption.

You cannot go too slowly...

We are always thrilled when a home has decided to open their heart to a Rescued Cairn, and our Matchmakers and Post Adoption Coordinators give great advice to make the integration of every Cairn into a new family as easy and stress-free as possible.  The Col. Potter Blog posts tips for everything you could imagine – just search “training tips” in the Upper Left corner of the CP Blog and you’ll find pages of results!

But the one tip that stands above them all is:

Please take it Slow with your New Cairn! 

Hand in hand with this is the admonition to be sure to establish your position as the Benevolent Alpha from day one.  Be a good leader!  Think ahead and visualize how you want to manage the integration of your new Cairn, and then implement your plan with calm assurance. 

For the first two weeks minimum, you should have a drag lead attached to your New Cairn’s harness, inside your home and outside, in a securely fenced area.  A drag lead gives you power (Alpha) and helps you avoid situations where you ask for a behavior but have no way to ensure that you can make it happen without asking a 2nd time (which you should never do!).  “Come!” is a great example.  In the beginning it is really best to calmly step on the lead, pick it up, and then say, “Come!” where you can easily reel the dog in, ready to give a nice treat as soon as the action has been achieved.

Take it Easy and You’ll Get it Right!

We recommend that you not take the new dog into a lot of new situations right at first.  Many mistakes are made because the new adoptive home is so excited about their dog that they want to share their new little one with all their friends and family.  Give your New Cairn time to adjust to you, your immediate family, and your home before taking him out to visit friends or relatives.  If your friends and family cannot wait to meet your new family member, please introduce them to him or her slowly and allow time to adjust and welcome each member one at a time.  A large number of unfamiliar humans descending on a newly adopted Cairn has the potential to be overwhelming and can cause them to react in a negative way. 

You cannot go too slowly...  but you can move too quickly by exposing your new adoptee to too many new people, places, sights, sounds and smells at first.  Be sure to use the crate wisely to give your new Cairn time to relax a few times each day, always making it a gentle, positive experience going in and coming back out.  Little bits of cheese in your hand help in any crating exercise, and it will reinforce the absolute goodness of your hands!

Did you already go too fast?  Time to hit the Reset button!

Calm everything down and start over - from the beginning - and do not rush to get to the next level.  Follow your guidelines, step by step, and you will find your relationship with your new Cairn will be much improved.

Slow and steady wins the race!

"The Tortoise and the Hare" from an edition of Aesop's Fables illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 1912

The Tortoise and the Hare
an Aesop Fable

One day a hare was bragging about how fast he could run.  He bragged and bragged and even laughed at the tortoise, who was so slow.  The tortoise stretched out his long neck and challenged the hare to a race, which, of course, made the hare laugh.

"My, my, what a joke!" thought the hare.  "A race, indeed, a race. Oh! What fun! My, my!  A race, of course, Mr. Tortoise, we shall race!" said the hare.

The forest animals met and mapped out the course.  The race begun, and the hare, being such a swift runner, soon left the tortoise far behind.  About halfway through the course, it occurred to the hare that he had plenty of time to beat the slow trodden tortoise.

"Oh, my!" thought the hare, "I have plenty of time to play in the meadow here."  And so he did.  After the hare finished playing, he decided that he had time to take a little nap.  "I have plenty of time to beat that tortoise," he thought.  And he cuddle up against a tree and dozed.

The tortoise, in the meantime, continued to plod on, albeit, it ever so slowly.  He never stopped, but took one good step after another.

The hare finally woke from his nap.  "Time to get going," he thought.  And off he went, faster than he had ever run before!  He dashed as quickly as anyone ever could up to the finish line, where he met the tortoise, who was patiently awaiting his arrival.

Slow and steady wins the race!

Rescuing one Cairn will not change the world, 
but it will surely change the world for that one Rescued Cairn


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wacky Wednesday!

Wednesday is the day to be WACKY!  Each week we will showcase a terrierific Cairn picture with an appropriate caption.  If you would like us to consider YOUR picture and caption for an upcoming "Wacky Wednesday" send it to us at!  All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.

A big shout out to Cooper fka CP Fava Bean for being our Wacky Wednesday models this week!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday Sweets!

Sunday is full of SWEETS!  Each week we showcase the sweeter side of Cairns.  If you have a sweet filled Cairn and would like us to consider YOUR photo for an upcoming "Sunday Sweets!" send it to us at (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.).

Foster KayJay


Rosie fka Rosalind

Foster Bonita

Foster Chula

Foster Dandie Mac

Tess fka Aphrodite & Lucas fka Guiseppe V

Foster Penicuik

Foster Ophelia

Foster Carlotta & Orva

Finnegan & Mulligan fka Wintry

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Flashback: Sonny Boy Celebrates One Year in Forever!

Written by CP Sonny Boy
Originally posted 9/1/2013 on the Post Adoption Blog
Sonny Boy here!

Sonny Boy here!  Can you believe it?  I have been here on the East Coast with Mom and Dad for a Whole year now!  What a year! 

To begin with, 365 days ago, Foster Mom, way back there on the West Coast, took me for a long drive, and then she handed me over to some strange people at a big airline building, and I had no idea what to expect next.  My crate and I got moved around and carried into this great big shiny thing called an airplane, and later I could feel it moving, but I couldn’t see anything.  I decided to lay quietly in my crate, on my beautiful red towel, and I prayed that Foster Mom would come back and get me soon…  Well, that didn’t happen. 

I felt safe with my special red towel that smelled like Mom and Dad
Instead, some other strange people carried me out from the plane after it stopped moving, and they brought me to another strange building.  Then the most amazing thing happened!  All of a sudden, the smell of my red towel got stronger!  It was like magic!  I looked out and there was Mom and Dad – and they smelled just like my red towel!  Wow!  I was so happy to smell them!

Now I love being snuggly in my new bed!

“What a sweet boy!”  my new Mom said, so I smiled and told her I was “Sonny Boy”, not “Sweet Boy”, but I was O.K. if she wanted to call me “Sweetie”.  Dad had to drive the car, but I could see him smiling!

Mom thinks I'm a Sweetie!
So, that’s how it was a year ago, this very day, and so much has happened since then!  I used to be really scared of just about everything – even Oliver the cat, at first (well, he did swipe at me with his paw!) – but now we are best friends and I am much more relaxed.  For example, Mom sometimes reminds me how I used to jump up whenever she or Dad put a coffee cup on the table, but I don’t do that any more!
I love being in the Country with Mom & Dad!
I never used to play with any toys, but now I have all my own special toys and I love to play!  I have a wonderful, cozy bed, but I especially love to sleep in Mom’s lap!  I don’t really like it outside in the big city where we live, but I love it when Mom starts to get ready to go to the country!  I love it in the country!  I jump in the car and sleep peacefully all the way there!  The country is so full of squirrels and chipmunks – and I even met a horse there!
OK!  I’m ready to play!!

A while back I started to hurt when I walked and it turned out that I had Lyme disease, even though I take medicine to get rid of those darn ticks every month.  I had to take some more medicine for a while which I didn’t like, but it seems to have been worth it because my legs stopped hurting and my most recent blood test was really good!  My appetite is still fine, have no fear!  None of my troubles have reduced the gusto I display when it comes to meal time!

I Love my toys now!
…Especially my Froggie!
Mom and Dad have done so much for me all year, making me feel safe and loved, teaching me to be silly and playful, and taking lots of time to have trainers work with me and help me get over my fears.  My ears and my tail are up and happy so much of the time now, and I know I have Mom and Dad to thank for that!   I am so very happy that they were the ones who were waiting for me that day when I came off the plane!

My Mom says she has always loved it when August days turn into September, but now she loves that time of year even more because last August turned into "Sonny Boy's Here!" on September 1st – and that’s even better! 

Check out Sonny Boy’s Intake Story: